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Starting from the Foro Italico of Palermo, throught Porta Carlo, throught all Cassaro up to leave the walls of the ancient city from the Porta Nuova area and along the course Calatafimi towards the mountains, less than five kilometers you arrive at Monreale. It already strikes from afar, the grandeur of the cathedral or rather the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova: this splendid building of Norman era sees its foundation at the time of William II of Hauteville in 1176; of course it over time other kings and princes have contributed to complete it and to bring this ancient monument as it is now.

The Gothic style with the Byzantine one are the main themes of the entire constriction, there is not a square centimeter inside which it is decorated, even the wooden roof is a ‘work of art! .. not to forget the Great Christ Pantocrator, typical of Byzantine art, who in the majestic and severe attitude dominates the apse and inspires a sense of fear. A word deserves the monastic cloister of Monreale, recognized medieval masterpiece. When you arrive in Piazza Guglielmo II, the show that presents itself to the traveler is amazing.

The Cathedral of Monreale and eight other huge Arab-Norman art works (The Cathedral of Palermo, the Royal Palace, the Palatine Chapel, the Zisa, the admiral’s bridge, the church of San Giovanni of the hermits, santa maria Admiral called the Martorana, the church of san Cataldo and the cathedral of Cefalu) from 2015 have been declared World heritage Site by Unesco.

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