The best drug in the world is free: it’s called sea

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The best drug in the world is free: it’s called sea

The so-called “thalassotherapy” (through the absorption of the substances contained in the sea water, – trace elements and salts – it favors the restoration of organic balance and the body becomes stronger and resistant to external aggressions) is now increasingly used. And there is nothing better than life on the seashore to benefit from it and prevent many diseases. Even just taking a bath: the water massage activates the circulation, the saltiness frees the airways and reduces allergies.

But let’s get into the details. By inhaling the sea air, which contains a quantity of mineral salts such as sodium and magnesium chloride, iodine. Calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon, the airways are released and the lungs benefit. This, in short, means that they are bred:
– respiratory allergies
– sinusitis
– asthma
– cold and other respiratory diseases
– problems caused by smoking
– poisoning from chemical agents

Taking the substances contained in sea water, bone damage is repaired and the pain of:
– dislocations
– distortions
– fractures
– arthrosis
– articolar pains
– osteoporosis
– spondylosis
– rheumatic diseases
– rickets

With the sea the incidence of skin diseases and allergies is reduced:
– psoriasis
– eczema
– dermatitis
– seborrheic acne

Thanks to the sea, anemic conditions, gynecological diseases, hypothyroidism and lymphatism improve. Very important, the sea also helps fight depression. It also seems to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

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And again, in contact with the sea:
– Water retention is reduced. Sea water contains a concentration of mineral salts. Through osmosis, excess liquids are eliminated through the skin and urine. Legs that appear noticeably deflated benefit.
– Extra pounds are eliminated. In this sea period, the body appears drier and while eating more, you lose weight. This happens because the metabolism works great.
– Improves the circulatory system. With water pressure on the body, temperature and water movement, blood circulation benefits.
– Improves muscle tone. Swimming is good for the whole body. Relax your muscles, relieving stress. Dissolve accumulated contractions. Improves joint mobility blocked by forms of osteoarthritis and arthritis.

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